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Snow-holing with kids,have you tried it?就像在雪地里挖你的卧室和家具,睡在里面。First and foremost,you need snow.Lots of it.然后,这涉及到一点挖掘工作,最终都是一个雪洞。兴奋了吗?当然,你需要合适的雪洞,而苏格兰就是这样一个热点。

In Scotland,people snow-hole for fun.It's usually part of a winter munro (that's a Scottish mountain) or winter skills trip and it's tons of fun.好奇的是,我带着我的女儿们在巨大的凯恩戈姆山脉下雪,那里的北极风暴保证每年冬天都会有厚厚的雪。

但起初,my girls were a bit wary. On the way to school,我不经意地说,我们是在苏格兰的一个雪洞里报名睡觉的。My girls are used to my crazy ideas so they suspected that I wasn't joking.我们会冷吗?我们在哪里能找到雪洞?Can we bring hot chocolate?Can I read a book in my sleeping bag?The idea was so outlandish that they got excited betway经典老虎机about it.

Snow-holing was on.

In March,we flew from London to Inverness and drove from Inverness to Aviemore where we met our mountain guide,迈克。When planning for the trip,he had asked if the wee ones were robust.公平的问题,他的公司从未在凯恩戈姆过夜的雪上带过这么年轻的孩子。我相信我的女儿们足够坚强,但这次旅行比我想象的更具挑战性。

在阿维摩尔的咖啡店,Mike unfolded a detailed Landranger map on a table and showed us the area.Miles of mountains and forests all around.Sweet!除了。“这座山已经关闭了,”迈克说。Say again?Because of gale-force winds,通往那座山的路被封闭了,我们不得不重新考虑我们的计划。Was snow-holing off?不,but instead of an overnight,雪洞将是一天的活动。我们很失望,but what can you do?下面的图片是你如何关闭一座山——一个大门挡住了主通道。


这是新计划。第1天,我们打算徒步穿越高原,必威体育app官网穿过森林,to the snow slopes of the mountain and practice our winter skills.On day 2,我们去打雪洞。I'll skip to day 2 directly as day 1 will be a separate story.


On day 2,通往凯恩戈姆国家公园的山路是开放的,我们停在滑雪者停车场。当我们周围的大多数人肩上扛着滑雪板走路时,we tied our snow boots,检查我们有铲子和野餐午餐,调整我们的步行杆的高度。My girls were all smiles in their new Kozi Kidz winter layers.


当我们走过第一个山脊时,缆车和滑雪斜坡消失了。我们本可以自欺欺人地以为我们是山上唯一的人。Ahead of us,a series of round mountaintops black as coal with streaks of white. Mike guided us on a slight gradient and the rest of us followed in a neat line,我们的两个女孩夹在中间。虽然我8岁的时候没有问题,我10岁的女儿穿着非常不舒服的鞋子,脚腕受伤了。如果不是鞋子,her progress would have been of the "robust" kind I had promised by email.


她在一块岩石地里,in the last stretch before we make for our snow-hole spot.在这张照片上,你不会知道我们离大雪大约有一英里远。And yet.A few feet further,我们看见迈克在沉默中疯狂地对我们做手势。Ptarmigans!A couple of the grey-speckled white birds were hopping in the field of rocks.我们非常兴奋地看到他们是只在北极苔原上繁衍生息,除了阿拉斯加或加拿大,你在很多地方都看不到它们。You'll see a good picture of a ptarmigan further down,就像我们后来看到的那样。


Finally,我们到达了雪洞。就在山脚下,on the other side.我的女儿们精疲力竭,越来越饿了。我们放下装备,或者更确切地说,当狂风开始刮的时候,我们把我们的装备固定在雪里。Dark clouds were also obscuring the sun.“暴风雪来了,”迈克说。


立即,we took to the shovels with gusto.Mike showed us the spot.如果他是对的,we would excavate the entrance to an existing snow-hole only two weeks old.听起来很疯狂,being on a boat and hearing that there's a submarine a few feet below.我们什么也看不见,但我们知道洞就在那里,某处。我们只需要走几英尺深。So eerie.

很高兴吃午饭前小吃,my girls were busy making snowballs and building snowmen.我转了几圈铲,但大部分时间,我在追飞走手套和拍照。


Snow-hole!Mike had found the entrance and was already three-quarters deep inside the entrance tunnel.The girls could't believe how "lucky" we were to have found the snow-hole.My husband dug at another spot to find the opening to a second and a third entrance, other eerie underground features for good ventilation and light.And then,we went in.我的女孩们先消失在洞里的脚上,rather eager.然后我们把“野餐露西”背包推下滑梯,然后我们都下来了。

外面,our winter gear was firmly planted in the snow,在暴风雪中等待。


里面,it was a different world.No howling wind,没有刺痛的寒冷,no darkness.雪洞是天堂。


My girls even spotted two snow shelves to put their cups of hot chocolate.Look at how happy they are."It's like a treehouse,只有更好!”我8岁的孩子说。She and her sister were two happy purring cats.With the picnic laid out on the packed snow floor,雪洞探险的经历证明是成功的。


Oat cakes,切达奶酪苹果,蜂蜜,水果棒,tomato puree – it was a feast for a king!My girls loved it and so did we.这是一个迈克在雪洞周围的短片。

Mike was the nicest guy ever and a true believer in natural navigation (compass and map),我非常感激的事情。显然在凯恩戈姆的白衣军团,拥有GPS在很大程度上是不够的,我可以相信。他甚至给了我在雪洞里的女孩一些指导方针,教他们如何定位罗盘,measure distances and find directions.Really neat.


内心深处,我完全可以看到自己在雪洞里呆上一两个晚上,但时间到了回去。It was clear that my girls would have loved to stay longer,但是嘿。那天晚上我们要赶飞机!另外,他们回来的路上吃了两顿饭。

IMG0069-00外面,天很黑,但后来,it was already mid-afternoon.我们很快把雪铲回入口,堵住入口,然后回到停车场。The first treat was another pair of ptarmigans,一点也不害羞,离我们很近。这是个蓬松的家伙。


我见过这些鸟被形容为“白鸡”,但对我来说,they're closer to fat pigeons or their close cousin,the grouse.最终,the birds flew away and we arrived on top of the ridge along the ski runs.The snow was packed and the slope was nicely smoothed.Do you know what my girls did?


Sledding on their tummy!

They were so excited to find that it worked,that they sled all the way down to the bottom of the hill,sometimes asking us to pull them with our walking poles.



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