开放水域游泳的: Fort de Brescou, Occitanie



At 10.30am, we meet on the parking lot. Overnight, westerly winds have picked up and the deep blue sea is rippled with interrupted white lines that fade as they stretch into the horizon. On surrounding dunes, seaside daisies sway in unison with each wind gust. As the air temperature’s on the fresh side (for the south of France ), I’m keeping my sweater on as the crew finishes to blow up an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) for William, Jacques’ son, who will accompany us along the swim. It will be great for visibility and for carrying flip-flops to the island. When it’s done, sunscreen appears out of a car boot to be rubbed onto our backs.

海边雏菊 - 阿格德角

虽然我经常听到堡Brescou,我从来没有与我的betway经典老虎机亲眼所见。我爸爸告诉我,他在20世纪50年代与他的朋友路易游泳那里的壮举很多次 - 无护目镜游泳的天回,泳帽,拖花车,或任何多除了游泳服装,真的。我很高兴终于看到标志性的父亲当场但它从视线中隐藏我们在哪里,所以雅克走我到停车场和点的距离的中间。这是摆在那里,右边超越海港墙,一个17世纪的堡垒配上红色和白色的灯塔,在海中站立强。没有废话高高的围墙,了望塔在每个角落,堡垒占有多大的小火山露头并明确专为圈养 - 不是一个单一的凸窗,以享受华丽的海景。

堡Brescou  - 灯塔

Jacques’ family has come in full force, his wife Fabienne hanging out with their teenage daughter and one of her friends while we set off. Jacques and I go back to 2015 when I swam theDEFI基督山,一个标志性的监狱岛游泳这是许多法国公开水域游泳了其在马赛美丽的风景的亮点。然而,对于一名游泳运动员另一所监狱岛游最有名的从监狱岛游泳景观作为该蒙蔽男孩疾病的募捐活动。由于基督山,我们一直保持着联系,我偶尔用雅克组Occitanie公开水域游泳的游泳。这个组是我遇到阿克塞尔,用铁人/铁人三项背景游泳,一两个星期前。今天,我们三个人都渴望游泳的东西比下沿海岸岩石防波堤的直线更令人兴奋的,但伟大的即得。

Axel Vander Elst, Jacques Tuset, Laure Latham about to swim to Fort de Brescou with William Tuset as boat support

We walk down to the beach, Plage Richelieu – named after Cardinal Richelieu, chief minister of King Louis 13th, who built the sea wall and the harbor. Our first reflex as we step into the water is a sharp breath in. The body/water temperature differential always comes as a surprise which is weird when the water’s in fact a lovely 18C/64F – a great swimming temperature. In the shallows, we walk on the sandy bottom while William gets the hang of a SUP in windy conditions. In the distance, I spot a familiar sight that warms my heart.



Waist-deep in the water, we contemplate the jagged triangular shape in the distance – about 100 km/62 miles south of us, here is elCanigó酒店,标志性的加泰罗尼亚山,我们登顶用我的女孩在2012年,我不能相信,空气能见度极差 - 这我们可以看到在比利牛斯山,从海上升起沿岸至今。您可能已经猜到了 - 埃尔Canigó酒店没有任何老山。加泰罗尼亚的象征,它是庆祝每年的圣约翰之夜与Flama德尔Canigó酒店。RememberThe Lord of the Rings在米那斯提力斯的信中刚铎点亮罗汉打电话给他们的援助?同样的事情 - 只是。betway经典老虎机每天6月22日,的火Flama德尔Canigó酒店,已燃烧全年在佩皮尼昂卡斯特雷特,被运送到山的山顶。At midnight, the fire from the flame is shared out among those present and straightaway they set off in the night (which can’t be easy, it’s not a cakewalk), splitting and spreading the fire to light the St John (Sant Joan) bonfires in hundreds of towns, villages and cities. Everywhere, when the flame has reached its destination, before the bonfires are lit, a common message is read out to remind everyone of its significance. As you see, el Canigó is so much more than any old mountain. But back to our plot.

现在完全浸入水中,它的时候,我们不能游泳。我把我的头在瞬间忘记了水的温度。感觉很好游泳,虽然我很生疏 - 我的肩周炎有我停下游泳在2019年8月以后任我游温德米尔。作为三人中最慢的游泳运动员,我设置的步伐和雅克和阿克塞尔都回来了,确保他们中的一个始终伙伴系统在我面前喷游在我前面。过去的防波堤,沙消失,海底下降了。它不会下降这么远,变黑,但深的水是青绿色的深色调。随着斩,我不能呼吸每三无由入射波得到耳光,喜欢每四,五招呼吸,这取决于什么冲我来。这是更容易这样,我仍然可以保持大致直线段。威廉的背后,我们的目标是岛的东在正确的方向推进。几乎每隔一段时间,我们提高我们的头部和调整的过程。


Stroke by stroke, the island gets closer. The sky is impossibly blue above our heads and we’re all getting slow-baked by the sun in the sea. From afar, I can see the lighter sand color of the beach where we’ll land. Jacques planned to land behind a jetty but a fishing boat docks in front of us and we switch landing spots. It’s not like we’re spoiled for choice anyway, there’s only two on either side of the jetty. In the last 100m, the sea floor reappears and with it, a scattering of fluffy seaweed, rocks and unidentified darker vegetation on sand.



Swimmers at Fort de Brescou

欢迎堡Brescou!感觉超现实的踏上监狱岛的只有人类。一个生锈的门,挂锁,透着大海锦葵,海滨雏菊等沿海绿色庭院杂草丛生。生病的海鸥蹒跚过去我们走过金属栅极和暂避里面,其中可能,一门隐藏实际的堡垒。有没有非法侵入,但雅克,谁进去过以上是Ned Denison,它描述了我们。过去的门,你进入通往lightkeeper的房子(在原军营的点)庭院,灯塔,教堂和地下牢房 - 这是远离17世纪的设计,这个1787年的地图,如图所示。

堡Brescou 1787年地图

Once a hiding lair for pirates and privateers, the island’s destiny is sealed when Richelieu starts building an army harbor on the coast and converts a 16th century fort into a prison. From 1687 to 1852, the prison sees a variety of criminals, from rebelling Huguenots to libertine party animals, or Algerian prisoners of war. Reflecting societal order outside the island, wealthy prisoners are housed separately from poor prisoners, enjoying different privileges and prisoners all have to pay for their upkeep (food, heating, bed rental, gambling essentials). That’s unless they’re unlucky enough to be thrown in underground tower cells on order of the King, in which case prisoners probably rot away without much upkeep at all.


We’re back in the water, only this time round, boat traffic is picking up. It must be around lunch time. Axel and I take the lead and swim on but Jacques and William stay behind. About half-way through the narrow strait, Axel and I spot a sailboat coming our way. Even with tow-floats, we are not taking any chances and prefer to stop and let the sailboat move on. Of course, that’s when they drop anchor and stop moving. Brief words with Axel, we keep swimming. By the looks of William’s white SUP closer the island, Jacques is quite far and we watch in disbelief as a motorboat speeds by in Jacques’ direction. William stands on his SUP and frantically waves at the oblivious boaters until suddenly, they hit the brakes. Sheesh. That SUP was a brilliant decision.


Past the sea wall, we’ll be safe, says Axel. Come on, sea wall, get closer.

As young Dory would say, just keep swimming.







阿克塞尔范德预估,洛尔莱瑟姆,雅克Tuset,威廉Tuset  - 游泳堡Brescou在Occitanie后



堡Brescou - 检查。




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