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The scent of golden brown waffles coming out of the kitchen is enough to make anybody get out of bed for breakfast. If you’re already in the kitchen, pour yourself a cup of nice Earl Grey tea and get cracking to make these vegan waffles. As part of my decision to include more vegan recipes into my life, I used bananas and oats for these waffles to enjoy the compounded nutritional benefits of foods that are essential for gut health, contribute to lower stress levels and boost energy levels. I’m already a fan of bananas and oats, as shown in my recipe for vegan banana oat pancakes. As if oat milk was not enough, I opted to enjoy the humble oat two ways, as rolled jumbo oats and oat milk, in the waffle batter so as to reap the maximum benefits of this wonder grain.

Nutritional Benefits of Oats and Bananas

Completely underrated, oats are a grain rich in fiber, iron and essential minerals such as magnesium or zinc, and help lower cholesterol levels, keeping our hearts healthy. Bananas are also quite the wonder fruit, packed with healthy levels of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients. They can also help us relax when under pressure.

Foods that help reduce stress

Did you know that what we choose to eat can help to reduce stress, ultimately allowing us to take charge of our mental health? As a source of vitamin B6, bananas help in the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that positively affects how we feel.

As you will see, this recipe is very simple as you simply stuff all your ingredients in a stand mixer or blender, pulse until smooth, and your batter is ready. With my waffle iron, these proportions yielded six waffles that I ate over two breakfasts (two servings of three waffles) with yummy maple syrup. The three leftover waffles were easy to reheat in the toaster the next morning, ending up almost as warm and crispy as fresh out of the waffle iron. 


Note that if you prefer another plant milk such as almond, rice or coconut, you can substitute it like for like with the oat milk. Last but not least, if you struggle to find jumbo oats, you can use regular oats just as easily. The texture will just be less crunchy and you won’t lose anything in flavor. 

Vegan banana and oat waffles

Vegan Banana Oat Waffles

Crunchy around the edges, gooey inside, these vegan banana oat waffles make a perfect nutritious breakfast.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword Banana, Oat, Oat milk, Vegan, Waffle
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 6 waffles


  • 1 1/3 cup oat milk
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup jumbo oats
  • 2 bananas Ripe
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp baking powder


  • Add all ingredients to a stand mixer
    Ingredients for vegan and oat banana waffles in bowl of stand mixer
  • Blend until smooth (the batter might still be a bit grainy from the oats but the bananas should be pureed)
    Ingredients for vegan banana and oat waffle blended into a smooth batter
  • Pour batter in waffle iron
  • Bake until golden (a minute or two longer than regular waffles so the bananas are cooked through)
  • Serve warm with maple syrup or your favorite waffle topping

Nutritional Information

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每天,我都会浏览Twitter,看看我最喜欢的户外影响力人物都在做些什么。这些可爱的人们向世界敞开了大自然的窗户,给我的每一天带来了欢乐、灵感和动力。有时它是一道美丽的风景,有时它是一个自然科学事实,经常是一次冒险,它总是值得的。即使在当地封锁期间,他们似乎也有源源不断的华丽的当地自然图片可供分享,而且总是有事可做。随着2020年的到来,做任何事情本身就是一种成就,而户外活动是我们最怀念的,因此户外活动真的是一股新鲜空气。通过他们的tweet,你可以替代地享受户外活动,你甚至不需要在Twitter上。您可以单击“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener noreferrer“>这个列表可以在一个平滑的提要中看到他们,也可以在Twitter上看到他们的个人资料(每个帐户见下文)。如果你喜欢他们所做的,给他们一个关注,喜欢或分享他们的内容,评论。Twitter的妙处在于它是一个公共平台,而且它非常开放,在户外绝对是一个优势?Twitter采用面向公众的格式,用户可以“;交谈”;或以迷你期刊的形式分享经验。我发现这种社交媒体非常方便用户浏览任何冒险或项目,而且它没有Instagram(没有那么多自拍)以自我为中心的一面,Instagram是其他社交媒体中唯一一种能真实呈现故事的。它也是常青树,因为内容不必威安卓会像Snapchat那样消失。







“;户外对我来说意味着很多事情:一个挑战自我、挑战知识和能力的机会;一个远离日常生活压力和挣扎的地方;一个体验大自然令人敬畏的壮丽的地方。科罗拉多州的山脉对我来说是一个神圣的地方,在那里人类可以最好地与我们周围的宇宙联系起来,发现我们自己和我们所处世界的一些东西,而我们只是其中的一小部分。他正努力攀登科罗拉多州最高的100座山峰,与全美的14座山峰一道。氦铬betway经典老虎机eated The Next Summit to share advice, stories, history & reflections from the Mountains of the American West. When not climbing, he is managing the Communications strategy at Visible Network Labs and finishing his Masters Degree in Environmental Policy, Management & Law.

#2 Hiking With Shawn – Illinois, US

Twitter handle: @hikingwithshawn

Shawn’s appetite for life is infectious and his outdoor adventures really make you want to discover Illinois, not the most obvious destination for outdoor seekers but apparently we’ve all been missing out. Whether it’s on his bike or with his hiking boots, Shawn is a true outdoor lover and I’m glad he accepted to introduce himself here.

Meet Hiking with Shawn

“The outdoors to me is the ultimate life saver, the cure to depression and misery. Before I was an outdoorsman, I made nothing but unhealthy decisions, I was alone, my health was failing and I felt a huge void in my life. Once I embraced hiking and biking, all that left. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been, I found the love of my life and I get a chance to make people smile and await what I have to post.”

About: “I am 36 years old. Male. I was born and raised and still live in southern Illinois. Hiking with Shawn is my brand and I created it to promote the Shawnee National Forest and beyond. Aside from hiking, I’m an avid cyclist. I have an MBA and an addition masters degree in Public Health.”

#3 Stefanie Payne – Colorado, US


If you love national parks, Stefanie is your gal as she wrote a book on US National Parks. She is also a communications strategist at NASA headquarters so don’t be surprised if you spot a few moon tweets in her picture-perfect national parks feed. Stefanie graciously accepted to introduce herself and say what she loves about the outdoors.

Meet Stefanie Payne

No matter what is going on in life, I slip into nature and immediately, I feel better — physically, mentally, and creatively. And I can do whatever I want out there, whether it be pushing my body in a new way, thinking through what I need to think through, or brainstorming a new endeavor. I especially love that enjoyment of the outdoors is something that almost all of us can relate to, and use to connect with each other on in some way — regardless of background, politics, or any of the other things that sometimes separate us as citizens on Earth. Each experience gives me peace in some way, and I’ve found that those moments are always just a car ride away, and available to almost all of us who want to get out there. For me, our shared natural places are consumed by peace, learning, and beauty that can be as intense or as simple as I need them to be. There is a lot of adaptability in nature. In all of my travels both afar and in my home country, it has been the voyages into nature that have benefitted me the most. If you are reading this, I am sure that the same is true for you.”

About: Stefanie Payne is a creative professional and communications strategist at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. When not telling the story of human exploration in space, she writes about exploration on Earth — with books. podcasts, travel articles and photographs appearing in The New York Times, The Travel Channel, blogs for The National Geographic Society, DK Publishing, The Lonely Planet, Thrillist, GoPro blogs, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The IBTimes, and others. In partnership with Jonathan Irish, a professional photographer represented by National Geographic Creative, Payne co-wrote and developed a 240-page coffee table book about their quest to explore and document all 59 of the U.S. National Parks during the National Park Service centennial in 2016, ‘A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip’.

#4 Raised in Alaska – Alaska, US

Twitter handle: @akkingon

I love Alaska, have loved Alaska since I watched a documentary movie on Alaska when I was 17. Promised myself I’d go to Alaska within 10 years – which I did. First trip was with my mother – the cruise type, 17 buffets a day and all. The second trip was as a young bride and involved a lot more active pursuits outside. Denali through and through. The third trip was 10 years later – an outdoor discovery of the Inside Passage from Anchorage to Sitka. Alaska is now on the other side of the world from London but thanks to Raised in Alaska, I get to enjoy this beautiful part of the world regularly.

Meet Raised in Alaska

“I am an outdoor enthusiast living, and raising my children, in Alaska and I aspire to instill in my children respect, knowledge and a love of the outdoors. Our videos are based on our outdoor adventures, lessons, and projects.”

#5 Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon – Yukon, Canada

Twitter handle: @GurdeepPandher

I stumbled upon Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon by accident, when somebody else liked one of his videos. Who was this guy dancing his heart out in the Canadian wilderness? He’s a Canadian dancer and teacher who mostly dances outside. Yes, in Yukon where winters are snow cold! I’ve become a huge fan of his work and totally recommend you watch his videos. They are a ray of sunshine when everything else can feel dark.

#6 Jane – Alberta, Canada

Twitter handle: @windsofjane

Jane from Alberta, Canada, is a travel blogger and an amazing photographer. Lucky to live close to Banff National Park (at least, it feels that way), she tweets about the gorgeous nature around her. If you love snow, ice, frozen lakes and winter wonderlands, Jane is your best option short of boarding a plane which you can’t do anyway because of COVID travel restrictions.

#7 Rue Mapp – California, US

Twitter handle: @ruemapp

Rue Mapp is an institution. A native of the city of Oakland (like Kamala Harris), she founded Outdoor Afro in 2009 to encourage African Americans to equitably reconnect with the natural world. Outdoor Afro has grown into a nonprofit organization with networks in 30 states and more than 40,000 participants. You’ll find Rue a lot more on Instagram nowadays but she’s still a great person to follow on Twitter as she works with a wide network of outdoor recreation advocates.

#8 Wilderness Trail Bound – US

Twitter handle: @ElCrackoDiablo

Ron, from Wilderness Trail Bound, is a wildlife photographer and his pictures of owls, beavers, or any other birds or mammals are stunning. A lot of people enjoy hiking without having a clue about the wildlife or flora they encounter. Ron is quite the opposite. He’ll go out to seek the wildlife so he can bring back photographic memories.


#9 Calum MacLean – Scotland, UK

Twitter handle: @caldamac

Calum MacLean may be the only Scottish wild swimmer and film-maker I follow who narrates most of his adventures in Gaelic, with subtitles in English thrown in. His videos have been shared on BBC Alba (that’s the BBC in Gaelic) and his sense of humor is legendary. His unscientific guide to water temperature in Scotland is a riot. That and his ability to swim, hike, paddle in crazy places, whether they be remote, frozen, hostile or plain weird. He’s also a champion of enjoying the outdoors ethically. Check out his “Spirit of wild camping” video to find out more. Thanks Calum for introducing yourself below!

Meet Calum

“Being outdoors allows me to be creative. Whether that’s in actually creating a video or taking photos, or even just making me think of issues in my life in a new way. I find I’m always happier, think more clearly and am better to be around after spending time outdoors. I love the opportunities for exercise – the thrill of plunging into some cold water, or a long endurance run over mountains. I like challenging myself, but also slowing down to investigate small details – how a snail eats, the dew on a spider’s web, mist in a forest. Being outdoors gives us the chance to play, and to learn – whether that’s about the history of a place, how land is used, what time the birds wake up at, how high up a tree I can climb before the fear kicks in, how many midge bites can I endure – there’s no end of ways to keep us entertained.”

About Calum: Calum Maclean is a film-maker, TV Presenter and avid outdoor swimmer. From plunging into rivers, wriggling through underwater tunnels and swimming amongst the ice in Cairngorms, his work showcases Scotland’s outdoors in his own unique style. His short films for BBC The Social racked up millions of views & his BBC ALBA series Dhan Uisge explored some of Scotland’s hidden swimming gemsFrom his “Scottish Water Temperature Chart” to the infamous “One Minute Midgie Challenge”, Calum is never one to shirk a challenge.

#10 Josh & Sarah. Veggie Vagabonds. Ethical Adventures – UK

Twitter handle: @veggievagabonds

Josh and Sarah are ethical nature evangelists. Not only do they love the outdoors, but they also advocate ethical enjoyment of the outdoors, providing vegan and low-carbon options to activities and products. If you are looking for vegan hiking boots, they can help.

Meet Josh & Sarah

“To us, the outdoors feels like a realm filled with opportunity, that’s always there and feels incredible to embrace whether you’re happy, sad, excited, nervous or anything in between. When we stand in front of a vast landscape, it just feels like a world of opportunities, right there in front of you and yours for discovering. The thing that makes it extra special is that it’s completely personal and unique to you. What you experience might be starkly different to someone else, yet you can both love it just the same. What a fantastic thing, the outdoor world!”

About: We’re Josh and Sarah, two adventure-crazed nature lovers currently living in North Yorkshire. Before the virus began, we were 1,000 miles into an England to India cycling challenge and now we’re back on home soil preparing for an equally epic adventure slightly closer to home. You can find out more on our blog, Veggie Vagabonds, where we share our trips and tips on creating your own ethical adventures.

#11 This Hijabi Runs – South East England, UK

Twitter handle: @ThisHijabiRuns

Taz appreciates the outdoors through the lens of her favorite sport – running. What drew me to Taz’s tweets was her athletic feats and the fact that she motivates others. You see a lot of runners posting their personal bests with pics of their smart watches but few take the extra step to support others to run and enjoy their passion. Also, Taz loves running outside. Nature, yay! Hence why I am delighted that she is on this list.

Meet Taz

“I’m Tazneem aka Taz. I’m a runner, run leader and an ASICS Frontrunner (brand ambassador). I love being outdoors. Whether it be experiencing the cold crisp air or basking in the rays of sunlight. Running outdoors helps me connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings around me. It makes me feel free and to be able to run through winding paths through the forests or run up a hill only to get to the top and enjoy the view is such an inexplicable feeling.”

#12 Rachel – Dundee, Scotland, UK

Twitter handle: @vagabondbaker

Rachel is a wild swimmer who is not afraid of the cold outside. Not at all. Good thing too, as she does quite a bit of winter aka really cold aka ice swimming in her swimsuit without any wetsuit. She is also a baker and as most swimmers know, cake is an essential component of wild swimming. As you see, she combines two great qualities – wild swimming and baking.

#13 James Shooter – Cairngorms, Scotland

Twitter handle: @James__Shooter

Have you heard about rewilding? Rewilding is letting nature take the driving seat when it comes to conservation. James is a nature photographer and filmmaker originally from Derbyshire, now living and working in the Cairngorms National Park. In 2016 James became one of the directors at SCOTAND: The Big Picture, a social enterprise dedicated to rewilding advocacy and communications. If you love Scottish landscapes and conservation, you’ll love his tweets.

#14 Dr. Amir Khan GP – Yorkshire, UK


OK, I’ll admit. Dr Amir Khan is a general practitioner aka a doctor. He is not an outdoor professional, photographer or influencer in the strictest sense. However, the celebrity doctor, writer and full-time GP shares what he loves about Yorkshire and yes, he loves nature. During the first UK lockdown, he shared inspirational morning tweets with his local countryside that were really lovely. He’s at it again for lockdown 2 and he’s also a butterfly ambassador (and a great son to his mom who seems to be a formidable woman).

#15 Ashley Campeau – Suffolk, UK

Twitter handle: @TrueNorthTrail

Ashley is as much at home on water as she is on land. Working to promote outdoor recreation in her professional life, she is lucky to be able to escape with her family in the great outdoors that surrounds them. Canoeing is her new obsession since summer so her current feed features quite a few paddles and canoe-in camping pics.

#16 Hiking in Finland

Twitter handle @hendrikmorkel

Hendrik Morkel, the author of Hiking in Finland, has been living in Finland since 2002. He shares the natural beauty of Finland on social media and everything the country has to offer to backpackers, climbers, bikepackers, skiers, cyclists and packrafters. Since he’s already way up there in Scandinavia, he also covers Sweden and Norway (and the rest of the world), as well as gear reviews, videos and interviews. As his folks are Dutch and German, he also tweets in German so you can brush up on your language skills too. Oh. Did I mention he was a photographer too? 7.5 million views for his pics on Unsplash.


#17 Rizuan Khatulpica – Malaysia

Twitter handle: @khatulpica

Rizuan is a nature guide in Malaysia and takes people on trips through the jungles of Malaysia, adding rock climbing days and caving to his clients’ wish lists. I like that he is a conservationist, having researched the rainforest at Perlis, a state north of Malaysia, including its wildlife, flora biodiversity and plantation. We rarely hear nature voices from Malaysia here in London so I’m glad that he is joining this list.

#18 Leo Chan Gaskins (he/him) – Australia

Twitter handle: @leogaskins

If you like sharks, you’re in luck. On Twitter, Leo is a marine ecologist studying the impact of large predators on ecosystem structure & function as well as a proud trans scientist. In the world of academia, Leo is also a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Duke University PhD student in the Silliman lab. Leo investigates the impact of large predators on ecosystem structure and function. By understanding the connections and impacts within systems, his work will inform effective future management plans and restoration in coastal systems, and protect critical ecosystem services. Go, sharks!

#19 John Sheely – Victoria, Australia

Twitter handle: @Bundogs

I “met” John through wild swimming and I love that he works as curator of the Warrnambool Botanical Gardens too. In his tweets, you will find a blend of cool plant facts (waiting for flowers to bloom on the Puya) and gorgeous Australian swims. Yes, it’s a dream life.

#20 Hiking in Japan

Twitter handle @hikinginjapan

Created by American Wes Lang, this Twitter account will satisfy all your cravings for Japanese mountains and beautiful Japanese nature. Based in Osaka since 2001, Wes knows more about Japan’s mountains than most Japanese people. In 2008, he became the first American to climb the Nihon Hyakumeizan (Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains). He followed up that feat in 2015 by conquering the 100 mountains of the Kansai Region. Wes operates the website Hiking in Japan. Wes is considered the leading foreign expert on hiking in Japan.

This list feels incomplete without outdoor influencers in other parts of the world such as Africa or non-English speaking Europe. Can you help me find them?


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// 0 休伊特农场:苹果、南瓜和玉米采摘 // //农场苹果南瓜和玉米采摘 劳雷莱瑟姆 2020年10月9日星期五12:10:22+0000 家庭 苹果 秋天 烹饪 落下 农场 万圣节 南瓜 斑米农场 食谱 英国 //



每年秋天,摘苹果是我们家庭传统的一部分,一天清爽,穿着结实的鞋子、大包小包来到农场,享受秋收。在2020年,COVID的挑战是找到一个不需要预订的农场,并向公众开放供你选择。我还想更新我的Hewitts Farm有一项禁止预订的政策,在2020年10月的第一个星期天,他们开始提供PYO南瓜和南瓜以及苹果。我的万圣节计时器处于高度戒备状态!当我们把车停在奥平顿的停车场时,地面是湿的,这是前几天雨水造成的泥泞的水坑。乍一看,休伊特农场是一个低调的无刺激家庭经营,这是非常好的时候,大型农场与空调商店。在这里,农家店是一个露天区域,用金属栅栏围成一排堆放的板条箱和农家盒子,里面堆满了橡子南瓜、南瓜、苹果和其他秋季农产品。如果我们在地里什么也没找到,农场商店肯定会让我们很高兴的。我们很幸运地在一家人要离开的时候到了,放下了两辆非常方便的独轮车,我们立即借了这两辆车去田里。

Hewitts Farm Shop

经过通往PYO地区的金属大门,我们看不到任何方向的任何标志,只是沿着土路走,希望撞上苹果园。作为唯一一个穿着雨靴的人,我特意走过了每一个水坑,因为那里太令人满意了。由于我们犯了一点错误,为了方便大家,我将我对product by field的回忆映射到一起。








越过树篱,经过几个水坑,我看到了梨园和成熟的梨。正如你所知,多汁,香甜,梨不是普通的水果,鉴赏家欣赏他们高于其他秋季水果,但梨可以击中或错过当你在商店购买它们。Hewitts Farm种植三个品种的梨,Williams和Comice,大部分都是会议用的。


我们穿过整个梨园,经过树篱进入李园(不管怎样,收获得太晚太晚了),然后撞上了南瓜n field.

Pumpkins & Squashes

Linus: “Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.”

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Sincerity was standing in front of us. Winter squash fields are some of our favorite autumn fields and very often, all you need to do is bend down and pick the pumpkin you like, as stems have already been cut by farmers. Not only are winter squashes beautiful to decorate one’s home, but they have great nutritional properties. Historically, winter squash has been used in some cultures as a medicinal plant to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, high cholesterol, and inflammation. Harvard School of Public Health has the lowdown on winter squash.

At Hewitts Farm, most pumpkins were indeed ready to pick off the ground and as in the corn field, we were overcome by a harvesting frenzy. Why stop at one pumpkin when there’s an entire field in front of you?

White Halloween pumpkins! Orange pumpkins for carving!

When I say an entire field, Hewitts Farm grows 10 to 15 different varieties of pumpkins and squashes including Little Gems, President, Kabocha, white Halloween pumpkins, small Sugar pumpkins, Turk’s Turban squashes and more. To say that we were enthusiastic is an understatement. We were also thrilled to have wheelbarrows with us.

One of the wheelbarrows post-winter squash harvesting

We were nearing an hour of farm exploration and hadn’t found a single apple tree yet, but the wheelbarrows were heavily loaded. As luck would have it, an opening through some trees behind the pumpkin field showed us specks of red. Apples! We’d found the apple orchard – at least one of them, as Hewitts Farm has more.


We often moan about the weather in England but the cool air and reliable rainfall make for perfect apple growing climate. Elina and I stepped through the apple orchard like it was a Christmas store and in awe at how heavily loaded the trees were. Row after row of trees, every branch heaving under the weight of ripe red apples like little red treats. It was apple heaven.

FrogMom picking apples

What varieties were there? The bulk of the apples were Orange Pippins, with a few Golden Delicious and the odd crabapple tree for cross-pollinating (and making jelly). Now, did you know that in England, Cox’s Orange Pippin is widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples? Fun fact: ‘Pippin’ is an old English word derived from the older French word for pip (pépin). Taste-wise, Cox apples are my favorite English eating apple — tart and crisp, juicy and firm, they’re a good size in hand and make a great nutritious snack. Some apples were pretty high up on the trees, no match for a former basketball queen.

Elina channeling her inner Magic Johnson in the higher branches

As you can see, picking apples can really give quite a spring in your step. After picking a full bag each, we remembered that we had a pub reservation for lunch and had to call it a day. We wheelbarrowed our loot back to the farm shop – which in itself was hard work – and once at the till, added a few bottles of apple and pear juice, fresh walnuts from France (delicious, if you’ve never tasted fresh walnuts), acorn squash (my fave small winter squash) and Bramley apples for applesauce.


On their Facebook page, Hewitts Farm announces their prices as

  • Apples & pears £1.10 kg
  • Plums 2.20 kg
  • Corn 25p each
  • Spinach £3.30 kg
  • French beans 4.40 kg
  • Beetroot 2.20 kg

with discounts for buying in bulk. You may want to check prices for any changes when you get there. Anyhow. It was indeed very reasonable, considering we filled the car boot with our harvest. Back home, I washed dirt off my pumpkins and lined them up in a row on the windowsill before deciding what to do with them.

What to Do with Pumpkins

  • Elina has been advocating for my famous spiced pumpkin jam which she would probably kill for if she had to.
  • If like my dad you can live on a diet of daily soups (bonus prize for Sunday batch cooking), this pumpkin soup cooked in a pumpkin tastes great and is easy to cook – no dishes to clean either!

As for me, I’ve been eating 5 to 6 apples a day since our trip to Hewitts Farm and I don’t get tired of them. They’re just too good!

Where to Find Hewitts Farm

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// 0 植物自然日记与山区生物多样性 //植物学-nature-journaling-biodifications-in-the-mountains/ // nature journaling mountains生物多样性/回复 劳雷莱瑟姆 2020年9月4日星期五14:28:21+0000 家庭 活动 艺术 自然 天然工艺品 比利牛斯山脉 //



一天早上//“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener noreferrer“>Rulhe避难所//“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener noreferrer“>pyrenees,我们改变了当天的计划。我们决定在避难所呆到午饭时间,下午做点什么,而不是沿着小路走。我和小侄女在山上自由地呆了几个小时,决定在避难所上方找个僻静的地方,开始写自然日记。



That afternoon, we hiked to a crystal-clear blue lake and resumed our nature journaling session. I was able to add a devil’s-bit scabious (Sabiosa succisa), with a positive ID along the lakeshore. That earned me a well-deserved swim. Extremely satisfying. I added two more flowers in my journal before I’d had enough.

What Did We Learn?

With every new new plant, we learned to notice

  • patterns in leaves,
  • textures on stems,
  • anomalies in flower petals, or
  • terrains where roots grew.

Each plant had something special to offer to our untrained eye. Instead of walking by without paying close attention to nature, we learned to slow down and sketch plants smaller than our hands, forcing our brains to record the world around us in minute detail. It was an exercise in mindfulness without us realizing it. It was also a moment to relax and ponder, using art as a medium to render a landscape, however clumsily or unfaithful to reality, rather than snapping a quick picture on a phone that would soon be forgotten.

I’m glad we took the time to do this and I’m grateful for Adèle’s company and unwavering enthusiasm that day. Mountains shouldn’t be only about hiking mileage. Botanical nature journaling is a very rewarding activity to appreciate them more slowly.




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能量小吃:奥托伦吉的巧克力潘福特食谱 // // snack ottolenghis chocolate panforte recipe/#回复 劳雷莱瑟姆 2020年9月4日星期五08:10:31+0000 家庭 背包食品 食物 健康 必威体育app官网郊游野游 营养 配方 //




每一次远足,必威体育app官网每一次游泳,每一天外出都值得纵容。长时间的户外活动,当你需要锻炼和补充能量时,你需要找到味道好而且对你也有好处的能量零食。在国内,我们是Yotam Ottolenghi的食谱,其甜味版(他关于所有甜味的食谱)包括这个美味的巧克力panforte食谱。我们在比利牛斯山的一周里做了一批//“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener“>鲁尔赫避难所

如图所示//“target=”#blank“rel=”noopener“>L’;Etang Bleu远离GR10,这种能量小吃看起来不适合户外运动吗?它营养丰富,体积小,装有最好的干果,味道鲜美。它也比你在商店里买的任何化学能量零食或凝胶健康得多,没有隐藏的污点或添加剂。如果你准备好下一次户外探险,试试这个。


好吧,是的,这肯定是panforte的一种方式,panforte是托斯卡纳人对panettone的替代品。Panforte(也被称为锡耶纳蛋糕,源于中世纪的意大利城市)是一种美味可口的由干果、蜜饯、坚果和香料与融化的糖混合而成的圣诞佳肴;这是个好消息,你可以在家里自由自在而不必破产。Yotam Ottolenghi’;的巧克力panforte甚至不难为家庭厨师制作。只需要计划就行了。



Les Halles),以及一家名为L’;Eau Vive的有机超市生产的蜂蜜和香料,潘福特被放在一张桌子上冷却,休息,直到它是时候切片。这个

Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A nutritious energy snack that's packed with quality dried fruit and nuts - great for days outside or to gift to family and friends for the holidays.
Recipe type: Snack
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 38 slices
  • 150g whole blanched almonds
  • 150g whole blanched hazelnuts/filberts
  • 200g dried figs, cubed
  • 100g candied orange peel, cut in small cubes
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • 100g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • ¼ tsp ground cardamom
  • ½ tsp ground cloves
  • ½ tsp ground nutmeg
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper
  • 150g dark chocolate (70% cocoa mass)
  • 175g sugar
  • 250g honey
  1. Preheat the oven at 180C/350F, grease a square 20 cm/ 8" mould and line with baking paper.
  2. Roast the nuts in the oven on a baking tray until brown and fragrant (10 min), then turn off the oven. Leave in the oven until ready to use.
  3. In a bowl, combine orange peel, figs, orange zest with flour, cocoa powder, spices, salt and pepper.
  4. Melt chocolate in the microwave oven or in a double boiler using bain-marie method.
  5. In a small saucepan, bring sugar and honey over low heat to a simmer until it reaches 114C on a sugar thermometer (soft boil stage).
  6. Carefully pour hot syrup over the fruit & dry ingredients mix, then add the warm nuts straight from the oven.
  7. Fold in warm chocolate and stir until well combined (it will be rough and stiff).
  8. Press the mixture into the lined mould and flatten with a spatula.
  9. Bake for 18 minutes, until panforte is set but still soft. Remove from oven and let cool. Rest for a few days before cutting into small segments.

Ingredients (US Measures)

  • 1 heaping cup whole blanched hazelnuts
  • 1 heaping cup whole blanched almonds
  • 7 oz candied orange peel, cubed in small pieces
  • 3½ oz dried figs, chopped in small pieces
  • Zest from 1 orange
  • 1¾ cups + 3 Tbsp flour
  • 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • ½ tsp ground cardamon
  • ½ tsp ground cloves
  • ½ tsp ground nutmeg
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper
  • 5½ ounces 70% dark chocolate
  • ¾ cup + 1 Tbsp honey
  • ¾ cup + 1 Tbsp sugar

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比利牛斯山徒步旅行必威体育app官网:L'Etang Bleu,GR10,Ariège //必威体育app官网hipping-letang-bleu-gr10-ariege/ //必威体育app官网hipping-letang-bleu-gr10-ariege/#回复 劳雷莱瑟姆 太阳,2020年8月30日08:55:52+0000 旅行 健康 必威体育app官网郊游野游 自然 必威安卓 比利牛斯山脉 游泳 野生游泳 //


邮局比利牛斯山徒步旅行:L’;Etang Bleu,GR10,Ariège首次出现在青蛙妈妈


我们的第二次远足htt必威体育app官网ps://“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener“>Rulhe避难所在Crête des Isards带我们通过GR10长距离小道的滑坡部分到达L&Š8217;Etang Bleu之后。过了一个好得多的夜晚,我们现在知道要打开窗户让房间凉快些,早上7点半左右,我们吃了一顿懒散的早餐,准备第二天外出。





距离L’ Rulhe避难所约5公里;鄂塘布鲁基本上是上过山口,然后下山。根据天气情况,我们将其视为前往拉萨山口(Col de la Lhasse)或鲁尔河(Pic du Rulhe)途中的一站。云层和能见度将决定我们的命运。穿过山腰,标志清晰的GR10一开始就把我们引向了Pic du Rulhe。在我们右边的斜坡上,两个色彩鲜艳的登山者正准备爬上一堵花岗岩墙。大约30分钟后,我们的女儿Iris发现一块平坦的岩石,建议我们停在这里吃早餐(她睡了一觉)。




协会Orpellières,一个由Yann Geshors领导的草根公民运动,只有十几个活跃的志愿者。层压标志, DIY bamboo “fence”, public awareness campaign, beach patrols, media outreach – all done by the Association Orpellières on the members’ own time and funds.

Yann is the guy I met on the beach when walking with my dad, he is the one who inspires many to care for these tiny birds.

La Grande Maïre

The nesting site at Sérignan-Plage is known as La Grande Maïre, part of coastal wetlands that host 14 distinct habitats, from samphire marshes further north to this brackish lagoon only a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean sea. Conveniently, La Grande Maïre is only 9km/5.5 miles from my dad’s house which made my decision to volunteer even easier.

On my first watch, Yann welcomes me on the parking lot. He’s been patrolling the beach the whole afternoon. While we wait for more volunteers, he explains all the threats Kentish plovers face. From dog walkers to trespassing humans, from seagulls to crows, from crab fishermen to bikers or ATV-heads, these birds certainly don’t lack for challenges to get the next generation off the ground. Yann shows me the perimeter and he turns a dogwalker around before he enters the beach.

Dogs & Kentish Plovers

Dogs are wonderful pets but they love bird chicks – as in, munch, munch, love. When not on leash, they also pose a threat to bird eggs as they can easily crush them. Fortunately, this beach is off limits to dogs since 2010. Yet, people still show up to walk their dogs when the next dog-friendly beach is 10 minutes away.

Yann leaves when seasoned volunteer Aude takes over, taking us (the new cohort) onto the beach. She narrates the saga of the May 30th incident, how the LPO and the city were reluctant to get involved in legal action but eventually did after the act of vandalism made national headlines.

Wildlife at La Grande Maïre

Eager to discover fluffballs, I am getting a kick of any moving animal with feathers. They include:

Egret fishing for dinner.

Seagulls daring terns into frightening them.

Terns scaring the living daylights out of seagulls – before returning to nest on the sand.

And yes – scurrying Kentish plovers galore.

Pretty much the ADHD poster kids of birds, plovers have a unique way to scurry, stop, scurry again. That first evening, we spot no chicks but the company and learnings are great. Also, we turn around quite a few dogs and an angry dog owner yells at me, but overall it’s a great learning experience.

Summer Solstice Sunrise

I returned three days later at dawn. Patrolling the beach for the summer solstice at sunrise is equally as appealing as scouting fluffballs but mostly, I am hoping that early morning is a good time for chicks. Like a Druid, a Watcher of the Old Ways and a Protector of the Bird Realm, I am waiting for something magical to happen.

With volunteer Camille, we walk along the perimeter, spotting human footprints in the sand headed directly for the lagoon. Coud be crab fishermen, random people (there’s a beach restaurant closeby), dog walkers. Whoever they are, they ignored the red and white safety tape they had to walk past.

I realize it’s not that rare an occurrence.

At the other end of the perimeter, we start head counts, which is really tough if you’ve ever tried to count running birds. They’re specialists in “now you see me, now you don’t”. Suddenly, Camille exclaims, “Poussins!”.

Binoculars to the rescue.

Given the quality of my camera lens, you’ll have to use your imagination on this one. Imagine three baby chicks sheltering under the wings of the bird on the right of the picture. Cuteness incarnate. As anticipated, real fluffballs. And these chicks are true free spirits – they run like headless chickens! (bad pun, sorry.)

For a better idea of the cuteness overload, here’s a great shot of a Kentish plover chick published by Birds of Bahrain.

Summer solstice magic happened. Also we turn around a dozen dogs – the chicks live to scurry another day.

Northerly Winds Dawn

Two mornings later, I return at dawn with my friend César to check on the young’uns. Whipped by decent northerly winds, we spend the better part of an hour standing behind a fence, observing what look like baby terns. Not dissimilar to grey rocks, these chicks move a lot less than plover chicks and cozy up with adult terns. Very cute.

Up close, that’s what they might have looked like as photographed by the Kilcoole Little Tern Conservation Project in Ireland.

Honestly, from afar, would you tell them apart from a rock? Meanwhile, Kentish plovers are busy scurrying away on the beach inches from terns but there is no mixing of species in terms of chick-care. Closer to the waterline, a large brood of four plover chicks delight in attempting to all fit under an adult plover’s warm belly at once before scattering to run together in a clump across the sand.

There are bigger shells than these chicks on the beach.

Police at Sunset

After work, I reach the beach at the same time as two members of the coastal police taskforce. Very cool moment. We trade intel on the chickies, they patrol the beach, they address members of the public and mention better conservation measures for 2021 onwards. I say, it’s very encouraging.


Even better, kids show up with their families after a beach day. As I scan the beach with my binoculars, I hear young voices behind me. “What are they doing?” “Why is there red tape?” “What kind of bird are they protecting?” It’s music to my ears. I jump on every opportunity to share details on the nesting birds, their endangered status, their nesting behaviors or how to protect them. Overwhelmingly, kids and their families are very supportive of the initiative and think it’s “cool.” Only one grumpy guy bemoans the fact he can’t access the lagoon to fish for crabs. Lovely encounter with a retired local on a wheelchair who shares his childhood stories about La Grande Maïre and the evolution of marine wildlife during his lifetime.

Stray Dogs & Chicks at Sunrise

Summer is definitely here. At 7am, the day is already warm. Mornings at the beach are quiet, a few fishermen are set up by the shore — including a guy who cracks me up, indulging in more bathing than fishing. Nicole, another volunteer, turns away two dog owners but on the parking lot, we spot two stray dogs including this furry dog.

What do you do with stray dogs? We have to resort to gesturing and loud voices to shoo them away. More fun is what we witness in the protected area with chicks. I’ve circled them in white on this pic as they are small and far away, not the best combo for clear shots.

They’re looking for breakfast by themselves! My Lord, they do grow up fast. Last week, they were waiting for worms with their beaks open. This week, they’re off foraging by the shore like proper teenagers. I feel like a proud auntie. Also, we learn that a new nest with eggs has been spotted.

If we can keep up the effort until the chicks can fly away in a few weeks, I think that we’re doing something good.

How can you Help Kentish Plovers?

Come visit, learn about the birds, spread the message and help us! To find the nesting birds, walk northwest of Latino Beach, a beach restaurant, along the lagoon, opposite the campground.You can’t miss the cordoned off area.

Useful Numbers to report incidents/ask for help

  • Hérault Gendarmerie – Dial free emergency number 17
  • Sérignan Police municipale +33 6 10 47 09 12
  • Portiragnes Police municipale +33 6 09 37 69 30

Next time you head to the beach, keep an eye out for these lovely birds and don’t forget your binoculars. You’ll come back with a smile on your face.

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开放水域游泳:Fort de Brescou,Occitanie // // water swiming fort de brescou occitanie/#回复 劳雷莱瑟姆 2020年5月28日星期四07:24:10+0000 必威安卓 世界游泳 冒险 海滩 海岸 体育保健用品 法国 健康 孤岛 雅克塔塞特 奥辛塔尼 海洋 开放水域 开水游泳 游泳 维生素海 //


邮报公开水域游泳:Fort de Brescou,Occitanie首次出现在青蛙妈妈


从地中海法国海岸附近一座废弃的岛屿监狱逃脱,听起来像是基督山伯爵的故事等待讲述,或是一部直接出自好莱坞黄金年代的华丽电影。如果你是一个连环越狱者,那就更像是又一次晨游。在一个阳光明媚、多风的星期天早晨,我很幸运地和极限游泳运动员一起游到了监狱岛Fort de Brescou“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener noreferrer“>雅克·塔塞特和一个朋友,Axel Vander Elst.

上午10:30,我们在停车场见面。一夜之间,西风开始刮起,深蓝色的海面上荡漾着断断续续的白线,随着白线延伸到地平线上,白线逐渐消失。在周围的沙丘上,海边的雏菊随风摇摆。当空气温度在新鲜侧时(对于法国南部)“alt=”“class=”wp smiley“style=”height:1em;max height:1em;“/>),我’;穿着我的毛衣,船员们准备为威廉、雅克’;儿子炸掉一个充气的立式桨板(SUP),谁会陪我们一起游泳。这将是伟大的能见度和携带人字拖到岛上。当它’;完成后,防晒霜会从汽车后备箱中冒出来,擦在我们的背上。


雅克’;全家人都来了,他的妻子法比安和他们十几岁的女儿和一个孩子在一起我们出发的时候她朋友的照片。雅克和我回到了2015年,那时我游泳//“target=”\u blank“rel=”noopener noreferrer“>Défi de Monte Cristo,这是一种标志性的监狱岛游泳,由于马赛美丽的景色,它是许多法国公开水域游泳运动员的亮点。另一个监狱岛游泳的游泳运动员最有名的从监狱岛屿游来的风景为一种使男孩失明的疾病筹款。自从基督山以来,我们一直保持联系,我偶尔和雅克一起在西方游泳。几周前,我在这个小组遇到了阿克塞尔,一个有铁人三项背景的游泳运动员。今天,我们三个都渴望游出比沿着岸边的岩石防波堤直线行驶更令人兴奋的东西,无论这是多么美妙。





Tiny bitter oranges

Since the skin of these tiny oranges was so thin and the pips so small, I didn’t see the point in seeding them before blitzing them with sugar in a stand mixer but you may want to adapt based on the oranges you use. Personally, I do like a bit of zest in my cakes for texture.

Oranges and sugar in stand-up mixer

Next, it was a matter of mixing all dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

Dry ingredients for orange cake

Now, I’d like to say something about the olive oil I used. We’re lucky to have olive trees in the south of France and this oil comes from the extraction of olives my dad and I harvested in November 2019. The olive mill gave the resulting olive oil to us in a carton and I transferred our wonderfully aromatic olive oil into a clean pear juice glass bottle repurposed for the occasion.

Olive oil in pear juice bottle

Using home-grown ingredients does make food extra special, I have to say. On that note, I combined dry and wet ingredients with a wooden spoon…

Orange cake ingredients in a bowl

… before transferring the mixture to a baking paper-lined cake mould.

Orange cake before baking

While it was baking, I prepared the orange syrup in a small saucepan.

Orange syrup

I kept the syrup hot up until the cake was out of the oven, which took slightly longer than I had anticipated as my dad’s oven overestimates temps.

Orange cake after baking

There, the cake was baked as confirmed by a toothpick inserted in the middle that came out dry.

Orange cake with syrup

I poured the syrup on top (or rather, the glorified puree of sweetened orange and orange flower water) and instantly thought that I’d drowned it but I left it alone to cool off. The delicious syrup was absorbed by the cake and the orange zest formed a nice crust on top.


Bitter Orange Poppy Seed Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Using the first fruit of spring, this citrusy cake blends Indian influences with Mediterranean staples for a wholesome slice of cake for tea.
Recipe type: Tea cake
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Serves: 6-8 people
  • ½ cup fruity extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • ½ cup medium grind cornmeal
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp each salt and baking soda
  • 1 tsp cardamom seeds
  • 3 tbsp poppy seeds
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup roughly chopped bitter oranges
  • ¾ cup granulated sugar
  • 10 tiny bitter oranges (1 cup roughly chopped bitter oranges), pureed
  • 2 tbsp orange flower water
  1. Make cake: Preheat oven to 180C/350F
  2. In an electric mixer, blitz ½ cup sugar and 1 cup oranges until pureed verging on coarse.
  3. In a bowl, combine flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, baking soda, cardamom, and poppy seeds.
  4. Fold in the sugar-orange puree, eggs, olive oil and stir until well blended.
  5. Pour into baking paper-lined rectangular cake mould.
  6. Bake until golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes.
  7. While the cake is cooking, bring to a boil in a small pan the remaining ¾ cup sugar and pureed oranges. Reduce over low heat until sirupy. Add orange flower water.
  8. When cake gets out of the oven, pour the hot syrup on top and let cool inside the mould.
  9. Serve sliced at room temperature with a cup of hot tea (I would be partial to a Lapsang Souchong or Russian smoky tea).
  10. Enjoy!


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法国禁闭徒步旅行:必威体育app官网酒庄路、野花和怪人 //必威体育app官网ipping-in-france-winery-roads-wildflowers-weirdos/ //远足必威体育app官网在法国酒庄路野花怪人/#回应 劳雷莱瑟姆 2020年5月5日星期二17:23:02+0000 必威安卓 新型冠状病毒 法国 必威体育app官网郊游野游 自然 //







我出发时只带了一个小背包,刚好够装两个相机镜头,还查看了谷歌地图(Google Maps)上模糊的方向。我不是本地人,也不知道村里所有酒庄的位置(有几个)。远远望去,我看见两辆拖拉机在葡萄园里喷东西,风很大,我甚至在半英里外都闻到了一股味道。星期天,嗯?今年没有休息’;的葡萄酒收获。


瞬间,我走进了另一个世界。令人着迷的是,你能把铺满路面的街道和人类抛在身后,却落在了–;而不是走在–;安静的乡村小巷里。爱丽丝从兔子洞里掉了下来,我掉进了广阔的天空、大片的田野和新鲜的空气中。乡间小路,带我回到属于我的地方。这种感觉真的很对。我才几分钟就离开了这个人造的饼干世界-cutter homes with French blue-white-red flags (big Front National voting base here) and my lungs felt like they could breathe. It was liberating. Nature on both sides of the road, unruly weeds with, I’m sure, more medicinal and nutritional properties than most tamed plants that surround us. Literally also, my lungs breathed in a lot of fresh air because windy gusts were tousling my hair in all directions and just whipping me around. When it’s windy on a plateau, it’s windy.

Right on.

Springflowers in fields, Occitanie

So here I was, strolling down the old winery road lined on both sides by vineyards. Down in the vineyards, a guy was walking leisurely with a camera around his neck. Surely, a fellow nature lover. Might be that he would share some precious local knowledge about the area? What the heck, he was very safely socially distanced, I could risk a little chit chat.

“Bonjour, monsieur!”

I wanted to know about the winery, was it open to the public as I’d heard or was it not, and did he know nice walking paths around here and the such. Oh, he replied, I must be wrong, the winery is closed and off limits. Sure, there’s a chain with a “No entry” sign and I could walk past the sign if I wanted to but then, I’d have to deal with two nasty dogs that attacked a cross-country cyclist four days ago. They went for his legs, he heard.

Right, maybe not? By now the man, who was more starved for social company than I was, started sharing his hobbies. Shouting from 30 m away. He had two bikes, a road bike and a cross-country bike, but he much preferred the cross-country bike and his dream was to cycle the Roman way from Montpellier to Lyon. Not right now, mind you, after lockdown was lifted.

“The ride is 550 km long,” he pointed out, “It would be a great way to see the country. Also, I’m looking for a female partner for this trip,” implying that I should be the one.

A female partner companion. Let that sink in. First, poor guy. He clearly had no idea about my cycling skills. Also – wow. Creepy much? So here we were, shouting words to each other very far apart, and as I was not taking the bait, he insisted. Did I like cycling and wasn’t cycling such a great way to travel?

Well back off, yo.

I was really only looking for intel on this particular area, the winery with the potentially nasty dogs. Thanks but I didn’t cycle (with him), I preferred hiking (by myself) and thanks for the chat (but not really). Amazing that I felt like I had to justify myself to a total stranger. In hindsight, it was weird, I shouldn’t have done that. I finally walked away and felt better.

Man. The guy put the strange in stranger.

Fortunately, he was the only weirdo I met during that walk and the sights more than made up for the encounter.

Wildflowers in Occitanie - poppies

The closer I got to the buildings of the winery, the wilder the road became. In a way, nature was thicker, closer to me. Poppies, daisies, columbine, thistle, malva – I was surrounded by riots of spring wildflowers and it was wonderful.

Spring flowers are not the type of vegetation I associate with my dad’s village as I usually visit in the summer or in the winter when nature is either crispy yellow or bare and grey. But these bright flowers, these shades of green, the mild temperature — this could have been Kent on a spring sunny day. With so much rain as of late, nature has been transformed, lush and green, which oddly enough here is seen as an anomaly. In his evening Facebook messages, the village mayor recently reminded his voters that “overcast and rainy weather does not suit us, people from the south of France who cherish sunny days” and though he might be right for voters, nature might beg to differ. A few rainy days are good for the land and wine growers and farmers would no doubt agree.

Country road, spring, Occitanie

Where vineyards had been uprooted, wheat and cattle feed grass had been planted. Again, windy gusts carved elongated green waves in this field of tall grass, a small sea of green. As our former landlord in Pacifica would say, the corduroy effect. He was an old-school surfer dude and told me how when the sea swells are close enough and you can see parallel lines form from the horizon to the shore, it’s called a corduroy effect.

Far out.

The closer I got to the winery building, the slower I walked. I kept thinking about the weirdo’s warning. Would I encounter nasty dogs? Would my legs end up in pizza? Without knowing the lay of the land, I was hesitant to keep going.

Rusty sign

A rusty sign did it. Privé. Interdit. That was my clue (read excuse) to retreat and find another hiking loop. I did muster some courage to see if I could sneak in the property, should I walk over the sign, but it was challenging. The whole winery looked abandoned and overgrown vegetation had reclaimed its rights, filling wall cracks with thorny brambles and spilling tightly knit branches over the wall. In shorts, there was no way I was getting out of there without a few serious scratches — if not snake, scorpion or dog bites.

Almost relieved, I turned around and took the next right, a path going up hill. If I could not enter the winery enclosure, I could at least walk around it.

Abandoned winery, Occitanie

From the top of the hill, I got a better view of the winery. It was massive. Typical architecture for the south of France, with orange tiled roofs and beige walls. The central square tower may have been part of the lodgings – just guessing here. At some point in history, it must have been a really big local winery, given how many large warehouses I could see. They would be used to house concrete or metal tanks to store the freshly-pressed grape juice, where it matured into wine. There might be a bottling line – or not. And unless they sold wholesale, they would be cellars for bottled wines too. The stories this winery could tell.

Country road in Occitanie

Soon the road gave way to a dirt path which gave way to more wildflowers. Where once tractors would have been busy along this road, nature had reclaimed its rights. Again. It was marvellous to see. I’m told that honeybees can fly within a 3 to 5 km range to collect pollen for the beehive. What bees wouldn’t love this type of landscape? And it’s not only bees, mind you. Another human stood still on the path a ways ahead of me and I realized that it was a female runner checking her phone. I didn’t want to come from behind and startle her so I ventured a “Bonjour” that I thought was loud enough, when she started dancing on the spot looking at her screen. Turning her back on me. Not loud enough, then. I made a great show of walking slowly with exaggerated movements until she finally saw me, stopped dancing, and started to run again.

Runner in vineyards

I was only glad that she wasn’t freaked out when she saw me. You never know, when people are so deeply immersed in their earphones, music and phones. Beyond the last of the grassy fields and wildflowers, vineyards. These looked like old plantations. Others I saw later were younger.

Vineyards in Occitanie

Did you know that these vineyards were some of the oldest in France? Maybe not specifically my dad’s village, but Occitanie in general. Growing wine was already an industry when the Gauls populated France and Romans kept the tradition very much alive. At some point, Occitanie produced 40% of all French wine which is a lot. That’s how many vineyards there were in the area but now, as I said, many have been uprooted so farmers could receive subsidies (for uprooting). When you’ve got a monoculture thing going on, it’s not good for biodiversity, it’s not good for quality, it’s not good for anything. That’s why I was glad during this hike to see the variety of crops along the road. Though I could not tell you exactly what they were, they were definitely not all grapes.

Talking about grapes.

Vineyards, Occitanie

At this point along my hike, I was surrounded by vineyards on all sides and met a couple of hikers. With a backpack and good walking shoes, they were most definitely hikers. Again, I struck up a conversation with them and was delighted I did so. They were a treasure trove of information on local walks, pointed to other parts of the plateau I might want to explore and shared useful tidbits of advice.

In France, lockdown outings mean you have to fill in a paper that justifies your outing, showing what time you went out (to keep track of the hour of exercise). The couple explained that this was the point in their hikes when they modified the departure time on their paper as it allowed them for a longer hike in the boundaries of lockdown restrictions.

Noice. Smort.

I did exactly the same minutes later, only the pen I had was blue instead the black one I’d used to fill in my paper and it spilled ink everywhere on my fingers. I would be a very bad criminal.

Vineyard in Occitanie

Minutes later, I was lost. How can you get lost so close to home? You ask me. All vineyards looked the same. Fortunately, the landscape allowed for clear 360 views and I quickly used waymark points to make it back home almost within the “hour” I was allowed.

What a trip. I loved it.

This made me look forward to more hikes, lockdown or no lockdown, closer to home. There’s much to be discovered and appreciated in the area closer to your home when you might suspect.

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它们就在那里,嗡嗡作响,全都缠绕在一种名为Fors的灌木的细茎上ythia intermedia. With bright yellow flowers, this shrub (it’s actually part of the olive family) originates in southern Europe and is the Belle of the Ball in spring. It is also a forage source for some early season bees, which might explain why this swarm suddenly appeared overnight in this shrub. It was spectacular and once my picture taken, I ran back inside the call the beekeeper. Before I proceed, I have to explain.

Why do Swarms of Wild Honeybees Need Help?

As I said earlier, worldwide, honeybees are facing a crisis in the form of Colony Collapse Disorder. Entire hives of bees will disappear seemingly overnight, leaving dead workers and a dying brood behind. Bees swarm in the spring as a way to reproduce and form a new colony and look for a new site. While they’re looking for a suitable new home, these swarms sometimes make brief stopovers on tree branches (which was my case – more on that below), walls, road signs or other objects. If they find a safe site such as a chimney or a hollow tree, then great. You don’t need to do anything at all.

However some people feel threatened by swarming bees and exterminate them with sprays, as they would wasp nests. That has to be avoided at all costs. Even when left alone by humans, swarms of “transient” honeybees are homeless and vulnerable to environmental disturbances, meaning that many don’t make it to their next hive. That’s why allowing beekeepers to collect swarms can be the only way to save the bees.

Back in rural southern France, I called the only beekeeper I knew, about 40 miles away from my dad’s home.

Me: “We have a swarm of wild honey bees that needs rescuing!”

Him: “Sorry, but I cannot come because of the lockdown. I would be arrested by the gendarmes and be fined for it. Collecting swarms of wild bees is not seen as essential.” He sighed. He really wanted to come collect these bees and was bummed.

I ventured, “Is there any other way I can help the bees?”

He brightened up. “You can look up the list of bee swarm collectors in your area.”

Maybe we should have started there! In times of COVID-19 lockdown, proximity is the key to success. He gave me a website to look at for the department of Hérault and said to click on the “Cueilleurs d’essaims” tab. Cueilleur d’essaim means, literally, swarm collector.

Swarm Collecting

Who knew there was such a hobby as swarm collecting? Apparently if you are an amateur beekeeper, tat’s what you do. I found the name of two guys in the next village over on the list and called the first one. He was instantly interested and said he’d be over in half an hour. Wild bees don’t wait around so time was of the essence.

Half an hour later, the local swarm collector aka beekeeper who went by the name of César was at the door, driving a minivan. From the back of his van, he got out a beekeeper’s head cover as well as a pale blue beehive. The process of collecting the swarm was in motion.

First, he examined the swarm and opted to install the beehive as close as possible to the swarm, see if they decided to migrate nicely to their new home. When they didn’t move, César asked if he could snap the branch and as you can see, he did so with his bare hands (which I thought was crazy dangerous).

Beekeeper cuts branch with honeybees swarm

The lid of the beehive was off and he then turned around slowly to position the swarm of honeybees as close as possible to the beehive.

Swarm collecting step 1

Once they were above the beehive, he shook the branch gently to start sliding the swarm down the branch and when the bees got all excited (who wouldn’t?), he lay down the branch in the beehive and stepped back.

Swarm collection - step 2

I think I was holding my breath the whole time as I was mightily relieved when he removed his head net and said that I could come closer if I wanted to. The whole time, I didn’t know whether the bees were going to attack him though he kept saying that swarming honeybees are not naturally aggressive.

Swarm of wild bees getting into beehive

Intrigued, I came as close as I dared and peeked. It was incredible, this moving mass of buzzing bees sort of sliding down the branch into the beehive, sort of flying around, and a rebel group starting to form a rogue swarm around another nearby branch.

Rogue swarm of honeybees

So much activity. The beekeeper gently shook the branch some more until most bees had migrated to the beehive and then decidedly stepped back, very relaxed. It was still mid-afternoon and the whole swarm would take a few hours to migrate inside the beehive. He closed the lid and left a small opening at the bottom for the other traveling bees to join the queen bee.

How Many Bees in a Swarm?

At that point, I asked what I thought was an impossible question – how many bees were in that swarm?

“Oh well, around 15,000,” he answered very seriously.

I stared. How did he know how many bees were there? According to him, the standard measurement is that 10,000 bees weigh a kilogram. He estimated that the branch he lifted weighed 1.5kg, hence 15,000 bees total.

Well, you don’t say. I’m not sure that it was very scientific but at least, it was a very satisfying answer.

Later that night, after dark, César returned to collect the beehive. He was on his way to collect another swarm, three times as big as ours. In a single day, he had collected 60,000 bees. It may be for honey production, but I was relieved that these honey bees had not died like last year. As far as I was concerned, it was a bee win.

New Swarm of Honey Bees Spotted

The following day as I was walking around one of the plane trees, I heard them. I heard another swarm of wild honeybees. I knew what the sound was before I lifted my head and spotted a frenzied activity of bees going in and out of a hollowed branch. It’s this one.

Hollow plane tree housing wild honey bees

The buzzing in the air was just crazy, this unmistakable hum that grew more intense the closer I got to the branch, but not so close as to appear threatening. Inwardly, I smiled. Hopefully this swarm of honey bees would be fine. They had a solid home. A good hollow tree sure beat a flimsy Forsythia intermedia branch. No offense to shrubs, but centenary plane trees are a better bet to keep a beehive safe. Good luck to this new colony for the season.

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