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    > Botanical Nature Journaling & Biodiversity in the Mountains

    Botanical Nature Journaling & Biodiversity in the Mountains

    One morning atRefuge du Rulhein thePyrenees,我们改变了当天的计划。我们决定留在避难所,而不是击中小径,直到午餐时间并在下午做点什么。在山上有几个小时的完全自由,我的年轻侄女和我决定在避难所找到一个僻静的地方,开始自然日记。



    I’ve written a journal since I was age 9 and this is my current journal, a beautiful handmade paper journal fromPapirum是巴塞罗那哥特区的一个惊人的艺术品商店。在旧金山的时候,我也学到了自然日记fromSusan Silber, then a naturalist in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and from a friend artist in Pinecrest, CA. That’s how I passed the skill on to my girls. Understandably, journaling seemed like a very natural option for us in the Pyrenees. Not to mention, my niece Adèle is an accomplishedartist她自己很高兴与她分享这一刻。

    Plant ID & Biodiversity

    我们的目标是从真实生活和尝试中绘制植物(重要词汇,attempt) to ID the plants with a botanical flora guide I borrowed from the refuge’s book shelves. Hence,botanical nature journaling。当您正在探索一个非常具体的栖息地,如高海拔山脉与自己的小气候和当地野生动物,机会是生物素,其特征在于山地生物开发物中更常见的种类的局部植物。达尔文,对吗?适应是自然世界的关键,比利牛斯在罗马尼亚的喀尔巴阡山脉的外观上的海拔2,200米的植物群。只是说。在比利牛斯中,野生山脉是野蛮和贫瘠的景观,源自任何人类居住。它不得不对生物多样性产生影响。

    As it were, the botanical guide I borrowed from the refuge was a generic mountain flora guide and I knew from the get go that it wouldn’t give us all the answers we were looking for. Too generic. That was alright. It would at least give a few keys to guess answers and that was fun enough — also, a great learning experience for the two of us.

    Journaling Supplies


    幸运的是,我们两个人准备好了。Adèle doesn’t travel without journaling supplies and neither do I. With my journal, I always carry a blue and silver Parker Jotter ballpoint pen (pictured here in the middle) as my main writing and drawing tool, as well as an ink refill should the old cartridge die on me. I didn’t really have art supplies but I was lucky that my daughter packed my mother’s 1940s childhood school pencil case complete with new coloring markers. This 1940s pencil case sure came in handy.




    这是我们的观点。正确的点 - 检查。植物的本性日记正上。

    自然日记 - 例子

    We started on a rocky slope with a type of heather. The mountain was dotted with purple spots and it was a lovely shrub, easy to single out and draw.


    And here is my artistic rendition of a sprig.


    It was also the easiest plant to ID that day – common heather, akaCalluna寻常魅力。I dutifully copied the botanical guide’s description, complete with true botanical jargon. “Tiny, four-ranked, scale-like leaves in overlapping pairs on slender stems” – you get the riff.

    以下植物是我们IDD的可爱黄色花Medicago suffruticosa.。Medicago is a genus of flowering plants, commonly known as medick or burclover, in the legume family. We were thrilled to spot that the plant we drew had a elongated pod — just like beans and peas, which are legumes too!

    After two flowering shrubs, we went on a journaling limb and adopted as our third test subject a small tree. Given the altitude, it could only be a pine tree and that’s where trouble started. There are currently 126 species of pine trees plus 35 unresolved pine species. The botanical guidebook only had half a page on pines. Spot the error.

    自然日记- pine tree

    为了提高我们崇拜树的未来机会,我们非常彻底。树皮上的鳞片更灰色或更多棕色吗?或者也许是更红色的灰色灰色?任何黑色还是我梦想着?松果锥在哪里?没有松树锥,在盯着杉树时没有最终身份证。好悲伤,凯莉·布朗!在我们最初将其IDD作为一个Pinus nigra.,我们读完了精美的印刷 - 在分销范围内的高度是错误的。这可能是一个Pinus Mugo.aka dwarf mountain pine?Pinus Mugo.对比利牛斯的象征区域原产,通常发现1,000-2,200米(3,281-7,218英尺),这绝对可能适合我们的账单。除非它是第三次竞争者 - Pyrenean亚种Pinus nigra.akaPinus nigra subsp。Salzmannii., or P。nigra var。Cebennensis?Either way without pine cones, we were toast.

    接下来,另一个大脑的难题。这个小yellow-flowering shrub looked quite innocuous. Surely, a yellow flower shouldn’t be too hard to find in the book? Bingo. Except the book had dozens of pages of yellow flowers. Yellow flower here, yellow flower there, all looking vaguely similar but never quite the same. It was a nightmare. Would we, like Olivia Newton-John, turn the page and joyfully sing “you’re the one that I want”?

    自然日记- yellow flower brain puzzle

    Alas, no. Olivia and John could rest easy. We settled on a second-best ID. After painstakingly copying the text forSaxifrage赫桶,我意识到这是一个错误的身份证(再次,不是正确的海拔),并想知道它是否可以Hypericum richeri- 随后可以复制更多。到这一天,我仍然在这片黄花的黑暗中。教训 - 在山植物指南书籍中,黄花太多了。


    那下午,我们徒步旅行到一个透明的蓝湖,必威体育app官网并恢复了我们的自然日记。我能够增加一个魔鬼的棘爪(Sabiosa Succisa.), with a positive ID along the lakeshore. That earned me a well-deserved swim. Extremely satisfying. I added two more flowers in my journal before I’d had enough.

    What Did We Learn?


    • 叶子中的图案,
    • 茎上的纹理,
    • anomalies in flower petals, or
    • 根源长大的地带。

    Each plant had something special to offer to our untrained eye. Instead of walking by without paying close attention to nature, we learned to slow down and sketch plants smaller than our hands, forcing our brains to record the world around us in minute detail. It was an exercise in介意没有我们意识到它。使用艺术作为培养景观的艺术,也是如此放松和思考,然而仍然笨拙或不忠实,而不是在手机上捕捉快速遗忘的电话。

    I’m glad we took the time to do this and I’m grateful for Adèle’s company and unwavering enthusiasm that day. Mountains shouldn’t be only about hiking mileage. Botanical nature journaling is a very rewarding activity to appreciate them more slowly.


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